About Us

The Association of Medical Consultants- Bangalore is an affiliate unit of AMC Mumbai.

AMC Mumbai was established in 1972 by a small group of energetic active and concerned medical consultants from distant suburbs who often assembled and animatedly discussed their common problems. Over the years, the immense need rose for an organisation of this nature and the Association grew rapidly.

It is now one of the fastest growing Associations of Specialist Doctors in Mumbai and boasts of a membership strength of over 11000 Medical consultants.

AMC represents Consultants practising at corporate and non-corporate Tertiary care referral Hospitals (both Government and Private) and individual Consultants practising through their own consulting rooms, Clinics & Nursing Homes. It also boasts of 5 affiliate units in Maharashtra & Karnataka; AMC Bangalore being one of them.

AMC Bangalore was established in 2003 It has a member strength of more than 120 and growing.

Areas in which the Association is Active.

  1. Medico-Legal Cell: Unarguably the premier Cell of AMC, it is formed to offer assistance to its members in traumatic times of legal battles and violence and vandalism created by any patient’s relatives. We not only guide our member towards proper actions but also ensure him help from all possible quarters including police, advocates and others who matters. Innumerable members have so far benefitted from AMC’s timely help. We conduct various programs for creating awareness regarding the medico-legal issues amongst our members. We have one of the finest, most effective and all encompassing. Professional Indemnity Protection Insurance. This is probably the ideal indemnity insurance that has ever been tailored to meet a consultant’s needs.The Salient Features are:
    • It is a unique tailor-made Policy for AMC members only.
    • Two Types of Policies:
      1. Individual Doctor
      2. Medical Establishments Error & Omission Policy (covers clinics, Nursing Homes, Diagnostic Centres, Day Care Centres etc)
    • These are Group Policies as opposed to an individual.
    • Premium less than other insurance company’s premium.
    • Defence costs for Criminal, as well as Civil cases arising out of Medical accidents, mishaps operative deaths etc, are covered for the 1st time ever.
    • A panel of Advocates are included by the “The Oriental Insurance Company Limited”. in consultation & recommended by AMC, who have proven capabilities, track records & expertise in MLC.
    • Cashless Service for payment to Advocates as per agreed schedule (This is a special schedule which is 200% higher as compared to normal schedule of Advocate fees)
    • The provision in the memorandum of understanding for compromised (out of court) settlement.
    • Cosmetic Procedure and Cosmetic Surgery cases of medical negligence covered at an extra premium.
    • Retroactive date of old policy will continue if a policy is renewed in time.
    • If a policy is renewed late but within 6 months of expiry, a retroactive date will be restored on payment of 25% of the basic premium.
    • Expenses for Doctor’s travel by air + stay for the visit to State Commission of the state and New Delhi for Evidence in National Commission covered.
    • Cases in Medical Councils covered.
    • Cases in National Human Rights Commission covered.
    • Cases in Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commissions covered. (competition commission of India).
    • A Monitoring Committee has been set up comprising 3 members of AMC & 2 representatives of “The Oriental Insurance Company Limited”. The Committee will have several recommendatory powers & will oversee the implementation of the MoU.

    Your existing policy can be transferred here with all your previous benefits.

  2. Personal Health & Accident Insurance: H & A policy: We have a customised Group Health and Accident Group Insurance from Oriental Insurance Co. policy for our members and their family members. At present nearly 4332 members and families are availing its benefits.Salient features of this scheme are :
    • Pre-existing illness.
    • Pre-existing illness are covered, with certain restrictive conditions.
    • No medical checkup required to join the scheme.
    • AMC decision on any claim is final and binding on the insurance co.
    • Most of congenital anomalies are covered.
    • Self -regulated Claim ratio to create a win-win situation for members & Insurance companies.
    • Parents and dependents of consultants can join.
    • Lower premiums for senior citizen consultant
  3. Consultants Benevolent Scheme:
    The Association has started this project as a social security scheme for its members. This scheme aims at providing financial assistance to the family or nominee of a member in the scheme, in the event of death or sickness leading to permanent mental or total pjysical disability of the concerned member. 1123 consultants are members of this scheme.
    Following the intervention by this Cell of the Associatio, many members have had their faulty equipments replaced or corrected by manufactures who were not in a mood to listen when approached by the members in their individual capacity.
  4. Social Service Cell:
    As AMC is a charitable organisation registered under Charitable Trust Act, various charitable activities are organised by AMC Mumbai from time to time.
  5. Affiliate Branches:
    AMC has affiliate branches in different towns of Maharashtra like Dhule, Raigad, Kolhapur, Ratnagiri & Dahanu. The ideology of the AMC is now being taken to other states of the country to facilitate formation of similar bodies outside Mumbai which can eventually form AMC INDIA. We have successfully started Affiliate units in Karnatka like Mysore, Mangalore, Bangalore. We have conducted M LC programmes at Kolkata & Ajmer & hope to start units there. Shortly we will be visiting Dharwad, Hubli, Belgaum in Karnatka & Pune, Nagpur, Solapur & Aurangabad in Maharashtra to facilitate formation of local units.
    These are our associate members from outside the jurisdiction of the association. They have the advantage of attending our programmes and availing all the other benefits like medical indemnity, H & A policy etc. Our senior members also visit these affiliated organisations programmes and give talks on topics of their interest. The ultimate aim is to widen the sphere of the influence and activity of AMC at the national level.
    One can start an affilated branch by making 25 consultants in the area as member of the AMC. They can decide their membership fees but 40% AMC Mumbai fees have to be sent to the parent body for Affilated Branch.
  6. Fellowship and Programmes:
    The Association helps in promoting a sense of fellowship and solidarity amongst consultants and aspires to uphold their legitimate rights and privileges and to obtain redressal of their grievances. However it also exhorts members to practice ethically. Few of our important events are :
    AMCON : Is our Annual Conference attended by over 800 to 1000 consultants. The highlights of AMCON are Oration, Debates, Panel discussion and lectures by eminent personalities on topics of great concern to consultant community. Personalities like Shri Narayana Murthy, Shri Deepak Parekh, Shri Amitabh Bachchan, Ms. Kiran Bedi, Mr. Soli Sorabjee, Mr. Rajku mar Hirani and many other prominent speakers have addressed our members.
    Medico Legal Conference :  NAMCON is held in Mumbai
  7. Who is eligible to become member?
    Those having post-graduate qualification in any branch of medicine /maxillo facial surgeon and are either practising as a consultant or residing or in service or having an attachment to any hospital within Bangalore. If you are eligible, enroll yourself today and be a part of this vibrant organization and strengthen the Association of Medical Consultants, Bangalore. “ASSOCIATION WITH A MISSION!”
    AMC – ASSOCIATION WITH A MISSIONFor enrolment forms and further details write to:

    For enrollment forms and further details write to:
    Hon. Secretary
    Association of Medical Consultants, Bangalore
    NU Hospitals, C.A. 6, 15th Main, 11th Cross, Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore- 560070Tel : 080- 42489999 Extension- 951 (Shubha)
    Email : medicaltranscription@nuhospitals.com
    Website : http://www.amcbangalore.inMembership Fees w.e.f. july 2017The total charges payable for new membership will be as under:
    Single Life Membership Fees:
    Rs. 8000   + GST = Rs. 9440/-
    Joint Life Membership Fees:
    Rs. 12000 + GST = Rs.14160/-
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Bank: HDFC Bank, Branch: Jayanagar 8th Block, Account number: 50200029497821

IFSC Code: HDFC0002850, Type of Account: Current Account